Top 5 Summer Movies I’m Looking Forward To

Summer is just around the corner, and as with every summer, the big movies are coming out to make lots of money. I was going to make a top 10 list of summer movies I’m excited about, but when are there really 10 great summer flicks that are actually worth seeing? Movies are expensive. I don’t think I’d pump myself up for any movie just because it’s out in the summer. Trust me, I’m not counting down the days until The A-Team hits theatres. So instead of 10, I will present you with my list of Top 5 summer flicks that I am genuinely excited to see:

5. Scott Pilgram Vs. The World– August 13th

After dominating the box-office last year with the hugely popular comedy Year One, Michael Cera returns to the big screen as Scott Pilgram, a young man who has to battle the ex-boyfriends (and possibly girlfriends?) of the woman he loves.  It’s based on the comic book that I have never read, but it’s not as if something like that has ever stopped me. It looks like it will be a fun and imaginative film, and perfectly fitting for Cera’s talents. Don’t expect him to be taking the stage as Hamlet any time soon, but the guy’s likable.

4. MacGruber– May 21st

Wayne’s World. Maybe Coneheads. This is the extent of SNL-based movies that are good. There’s a special place in hell for the studio executives that thought It’s Pat would make a good movie. But after many disappointments, it looks like MacGruber will break the curse of lousy SNL movies. Yes, it’s based off a skit where the shtick is to kill everybody off in 60 seconds because of MacGruber’s incompetence, but Will Forte is just funny enough to make this movie work. This could possibly be the sleeper comedy hit of the summer.

3. Predators– July 9th

GET TO ZEE CHOPPA! Because July 9th can’t come soon enough! There’s a lot at stake here. The credibility of an entire franchise- possibly even two- hangs in the balance of Predators. Judging by its trailer, it looks pretty damn good and I have high hopes. I mean, that trailer was like a sip of water after sifting through the desert of absolute failure that were the Alien Vs. Predator films, which make Predator 2 look like a masterpiece. The cast is great, Robert Rodriquez is producing, they’d have to try really hard to make a bad movie here.

2. Iron Man 2– May 7th

Summer starts early this year with Iron Man 2 hitting theatres in just a little bit over a month from now. The good news is, if the movie rocks like it most likely should, you’ll be able to see it several times over in June, July, and August. It feels like just yesterday the first Iron Man came out, rocking Robert Downey Jr. from respected, talented actor with a troubled past doing mostly supporting roles, to a fucking superstar beloved by all. With some promising action scenes and Scarlett Johansson’s hotness added to the mix, this will be the movie to beat summer 2010.

1. Inception– July 16th

I know barely anything about Inception. But the less I know, the more I want to see it. Too few movies these days are shrouded in secrecy and mystery, allowing us to really generate interest. How many times have you seen trailer after trailer, behind the scenes footage after behind the scenes footage, until you feel like you’ve already seen the friggin’ movie like twice. I have faith in the skills of director Christopher Nolan- he has gained my eternal praise for The Dark Knight. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are three of our generation’s most exciting and talented actors. July 16th. Inception. Be there.

It’s gonna be a good summer.


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