It’s Blitz: 1 Year Later

Howdy folks. Are you bored, and have nothing to do? Just follow these simple steps to a fun day…

STEP 1: grab your copy of It’s Blitz! and rock out.

STEP 2: repeat until brain hurts.

Today marks the one year anniversary of when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ third LP, It’s Blitz! was released in stores. It was originally slated to come out a little later in April but because a bootleg copy leaked on the internet they released it earlier.

I was working in a restaurant at this time. I bought it at the HMV during my break. Then I went to the upstairs dining room, which was completely vacant at the time, which also happened to have a CD player connected to speakers surrounding the entire room…I put this baby on and the room filled with greatness. That was my first experience listening to it and I haven’t tired of listening to it in the past year. Boy, time flies.

If you’re not fortunate enough to own the album, or are unaware of the greatness that is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then please feel free to educate yourself with these videos:


“Heads Will Roll”



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