An Oldie But A Goodie

Yes I’m sure everyone remembers this little gem. Rings truer every day, doesn’t it? It does to me, certainly, as I am in a large amount of debt and am receiving letters telling me to stop being a bum and pay. I am unemployed and the government seems to be under the impression that I AM employed. How does that work? I applied for Employment Insurance, I had to go through Service Canada for that…you’d think one government branch would tell the other, and they’d get to know a little bit about people. You’d think they’d get some back and fourths going about the dead-beats that live off them, but noooo.

Anyway if you enjoy this blog and wish to see more insightful and well-writen content, then please send me some money.

For your enjoyment I have added the extended director’s cut of the spider/debt saga below:

Stay classy, my friends. And have a happy Good Friday.


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