Alien Anthology is coming to Blu-Ray soon. Hell yeah!

One of my favourite film series in the entire world is coming to Blu-Ray pretty soon. Details are pretty hazy for the moment, but here’s what you may or may not expect from the packing/artwork:

Also there is a pretty cool looking limited “egg” edition that encases the entire set:

Keep in mind that these images are for the Polish editions so our release in North America may look entirely different. I don’t know if I’d personally shell out the cash for the fancy casing but it would definitely look a lot better in your living room than that crazy alien head bust, that holds all the discs in its skull, which was released for the 25th anniversary:


So there are a lot of rumors floating around about Sigourney Weaver recording brand new commentaries and a whole bunch of awesome new special features being included but for now there are no official specifications. Fingers crossed that this set will be as satisfying as the 2003 DVD releases that were loaded with more features than you could shake a stick at. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this release, for sure.

In the mean time, here is the teaser trailer for the Alien Anthology Blu-Rays:


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