Toy Story 3 is actually about the Holocaust.

One thing you can always count on every summer is knowing which movie is a lock for that “Best Animated Feature” category for the Academy Awards. As if it’s any real surprise, it’s usually a Pixar movie. I know, right?

Anyway, despite being a fun family film that is making tons of money and receiving a slew of critical acclaim, Toy Story 3 is already being studied for deeper meanings.  One interesting theory popping up around the ol’ internet is that it’s really an allegory for the Holocaust. I guess it makes sense. The toys believe they can find solitude in the attic, ala Anne Frank, the Sunnyside Daycare center is almost as terrifying as Auschwitz, and the big climax involves the toys in danger of being burned in a giant furnace.

Personally, I liked the part where Mr. Potato head was a pita. Hahaha!

For more information on this theory, check out this article, or consult your local Google.


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